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Built Responsibly, Built Globally

Revv Worldwide has committed itself to providing products that exceed expectations and to creating an environment that allows business-minded people to create the lifestyle they have only dreamt about.

Revv Worldwide was founded in 2014 by Scotty Paulson, an industry veteran with 20+ years executive and owner experience. Revv Worldwide is the realization of having learned what people want in a product and need in order to build a business. You can read more about Scotty Paulson on the Revv Leadership page.

While considering the business plan for Revv Worldwide, Scotty Paulson discovered that there were three key issues that needed to be addressed;

  1. The product needs to be a very high demand item, something most people use, and therefore, would need to buy every day.
  2. The need to create a business atmosphere and compensation plan that makes it easy for an inexperienced while at the same time designing a process for rewarding professional network marketers.
  3. It’s in our best interest to reduce environmental impact on our plant from the rain forests to our own back yards.


With careful research into the product trends and newest product research on natural ingredients, Scotty took aim at the energy drink market.

Revv products are formulated to supply the consumer with the benefits they desire. However, unlike the other products that feed the multi-billion dollar marketplace of nutritional supplements, Revv products are formulated to deliver superior quality without the ill effects of mega doses of caffeine, sugars, and other assorted chemical compounds. In addition, Revv products include a power pack of nutritional benefits.

The search for the proper ingredient sources led Scotty Paulson to the Brazilian Rainforest. Scotty met with the growers and the local people. He inspected the crops and harvesting process, and interviewed the owners. After a great deal of necessary diligence, Scotty found a grower that not only delivered sustainably grown, organic ingredients, but also shared in his own desire to care for the environment.

Ingredients are grown, harvested, and processed for us with strict sustainability guidelines. Not only are the crops protected from hazardous chemicals and the environment protected from stripping away rainforest in order to create temporary farmland, but also, the local people benefit. Our grower has programs that create local jobs, sustainable farming education, and provides donations to help those that need a helping hand.

Revv Worldwide pledges to make donations to the programs that the growers already have in place. This eliminates the middleman and disburses the money where it will do the most good. Scotty Paulson also took the time and effort to look at other high environmental impact parts of the business.

  • Currently all of our paper products (flyers and brochures) are printed in sustainably grown eucalyptus paper. Eucalyptus trees grow very rapidly, so the manufactures don't feel pressured to strip mine trees.
  • Our manufacturing facility uses the latest technology in solar panels to power the entire plant.
  • We encourage consumers to filter tap water and use a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water.
  • Strict recycling and power conservation programs are in place at the corporate office.

Revv Worldwide remains a debt free company and we are shipping products to the USA and all of its territories and Canada.

Scotty's proven track record, experience, and understanding of how to grow a network marketing company allows him to provide a compensation plan that far exceeds what other companies offer.

Revv Worldwide proudly stands behind its products and team members. We look forward to standing behind you, every step of the way, as you fulfill your dreams!

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Phone (763) 262-9900

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